Our Commissary Solutions Keep Morale, Safety and Sales Up

Our commissary expertise and innovations help provide programs for offenders while driving revenue.


We can help you meet your commissary goals by cultivating a deeper understanding of your offenders’ needs. We provide:

  • A strategic balance of product selections

  • Research that drives insights to determine the appropriate product offering

  • Customizable solutions that suit the requirements of your facility

  • A high-touch service model to remain responsive to your evolving needs


We have the resources to tailor any solution to the needs of your facility. We offer:

  • Onsite or offsite fulfillment

  • Point-of-sale and care package technology solutions

  • Offender vocational opportunities

  • Innovative solutions to create cashless environments

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Fulfillment Solutions

Fulfillment Solutions

Whether your commissary is on or offsite, we’re always nearby to ensure a smooth operation.

We understand that commissary is an important asset to your facility as both a behavioral management tool and a revenue stream that helps provide programming and services for offenders. Leveraging our deep retail expertise and decades of experience in the corrections industry, we’ll work with you to design and develop a commissary solution tailored to the needs of your facility. Whether that means operating onsite or bagging and dropping, we operate within your constraints and remain responsive to your evolving needs.

Increasing Offender Interest

With targeted product offerings, promotions, marketing and timely issue resolution, our solutions aim to create an experience that drives offender participation and increases earnings for your facilities.

We use our unique expertise to derive insights from a combination of offender purchase data, focus groups and surveys to optimize product assortment. Knowing what inmates want keeps them engaged with your commissary service and maximizes the revenue of your commissary.

Additionally, our team of experts ensures that the products available meet any and all security standards.

How can we help?

See how our commissary solutions can transform your facility.

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Streamline processes and increase engagement with innovative platforms.

Technology That Encourages Participation

Our technology solutions enable your commissary to operate more efficiently, allowing your officers and staff to devote more attention to safety and security. Point-of-sale innovations like our InfoLINK kiosks automate much of the commissary process with paperless ordering and scheduling, while our Intake, Deposit and Release platforms reduce cash handling and streamline transactions. Additionally, our merchandising system allows for point-of-sale purchases of commissary items, making the process even more efficient and promoting offender participation.

iCare®—Our Web-Based Commissary Solution

We can also help you get the most out of your commissary with our iCare® e-commerce platform. We developed iCare® to give loved ones a powerful way to lend their support to offenders. Using our web-based platform, friends and family can choose from the industry’s largest selection of snacks, meal options, healthy alternatives, clothing, stationery and hot food from our FreshFavorites® program. They have the convenience of placing an order anytime, while your facility maintains control over determining how to structure the deliveries. iCare® boosts offender morale and helps create a better atmosphere for your officers and staff.


Delivering industry-leading hospitality, culinary experiences, and convenience offerings with the utmost safety and care.

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See how our commissary solutions can transform your facility.

Offender Programming

Offender Programming

Give offenders skills they can use when they re-enter the workforce.

Rehabilitating offenders to become productive members of society is at the heart of why we developed IN2WORK. The goal of IN2WORK is to teach offenders the fundamentals of working in retail or warehousing environments to help them gain skills and experience that can be leveraged should they receive the opportunity to re-enter the workforce.

We tailor the curriculum to the needs of offenders including classroom instruction and on-the-job training to deepen learning. Learning and working in a structured program boosts their self-esteem and helps them compete for jobs in convenience or big-box retailing and warehouse operations upon release. Research has shown that giving offenders the useful skills to become productive citizens contributes to reductions in recidivism. That can lead to lower costs in the long term.

How can we help?

See how our commissary solutions can transform your facility.


See how our commissary solutions can transform your facility.


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How can we help?

See how our commissary solutions can transform your facility.